Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Welcome to Rock*Land

Here's your Rock*Land Crew:
more or less left to right across your radio dial
(If you really can't tell Shelby from Dave, we wanna party with you.)

Ricky "The Atomic Elf" Bacchus
Shelby Bacchus
Rev. Timmy

The Rock*Land Oath:
(not to be confused with the R*L swear)

On our honor we will do our best
To do our duty to Iggy Pop and our sound system
and to kick out the jams (muther fuckers);
To Rock other people at all times;
to keep ourselves physically impaired,
mentally twisted and morally bankrupt.
So help us, God.

(please, help us)

We know
it's only Rock and Roll,
but we like it.

skip, we love you.


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