Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"...then we'll see who buries who."

There's only one party for you, Comrade.

We're Hotsky to Trotsky

At midnight, special guest DJ Stack
with revolutions to make the whole polit bureau bang their shoes on the table.

And of course the Old Guard:

Czar Ricky Romanov

Shelby the Great (the real Anastasia)

Rev. Timmy the Terrible

And of course Juicy Jilly, your Bolshevik behind the bar with potions to pollute the proletariat.

Alas, Davey has been sent to Siberia for "re-education".
(One too many counter-revolutionary Saxon songs at last week's meeting, don't ya know.)

Quit Stalin.
C'mon out and make Yeltsin look like a tea-totaler.

10pm-?, every Thursday
Route 85A
85 Ave. A btw 5th & 6th St.
No cover.

If these dispatches are a drag, just reply "remove me".
No Cossacks will visit your home, kick down your door and drag you out into the snow to be beaten with rifle butts and devoured by wolves while your family watches and is then packed off to the Gulags.

Dave, we love you.


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