Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"...but if you try sometimes, you just might find..."


Disappointed that your Valentine's Day ended up with you handcuffed to a gurney in St. Vincent's ER and your date running off with a police psychologist?

Filled with remorse over losing a $700 wager on the winner of "Best Spoken-word Album for Children"? ("City of New Orleans" my ass!)

Apprehensive that William Henry Harrison will get short shrift on yet another Presidents' Day?

Mildly annoyed that we're doing a rerun on last week's flyer even if Dave did work really hard on it?

Well, we can't help you.

But if you want to get drunk and listen to Rock records then come on down to:


85 Ave A btw 5th/6th St.

10pm till you can't remember what you were griping about.

Special Guest this week is

Jason "Kuff Daddy" Kuffler at midnight.

with the usual gang of idiots:




Rev. Timmy


Jilly behind the bar, pimping Rheingold and other drink specials.

Other special Rock*Land related activities this week include:

Richard Bacchus (that's right, the very same)


9pm Feb 22 at

Mickey Blue Room

171 Ave. C btw 10th & 11th St.


Madjuana at 10pm


Lenny Kaye at 11pm

So get it together and come on out.

And if you're gonna cry, we'll give a reason to cry.

Ten thousand apologies for our email list being sent out earlier this week.

(Mistakes were made and the guilty have been severely punished.)

We [heart] Skip.

As always, if these emails are a drag, let us know and we'll cut it out.


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