Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive..."

All of us here at Rock*Land are greatly saddened by the recent passing of our literary, philosophical and pharmaceutical hero; Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

As the inventor of Gonzo Journalism, teller and liver of amazing tales and scathing observer of the on-going perversion/demolition of the American Dream, he set the bar high for all of us in the bad craziness game.

So, we humbly offer up this week's issue of our rock party as some small testament to the man who made this world a better place by describing just how savagely twisted it is.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro:
10pm, Thursday
Route 85A
downstairs, 85 Ave. A btw 5th & 6th

With the usual degenerates:
Ricky, Shelby, Dave, Rev. Timmy

We're hoping to lay in a mess of grapefruit, shrimp cocktail and club sandwiches , but the room service people have been reluctant to serve us ever since we terrorized one of the maids (wholly accidentally and understandably).
There's also some issue about an expired Diner's Club Card and The Magazine cutting off our expense account.

Miss Jilly
has assured us, though, that there will be plenty of Tequila, Wild Turkey, Chivas and the usual spirited beverages behind the bar.

As for amyls, ether, adrenochrome and mace, you're on your own.

Till Thursday you may wish to entertain yourself with the following:

The Great Thompson Hunt

Previous Rock*Land Flyers and Pictures

Ricky's Site

Rev. Timmy's Site

So lace up your "Chuck Taylors", pull out your cigarette holder, put on your shooting glasses and come on by.
The worst that'll happen is we stomp you good and pull all your teeth out.
Oh, and don't worry about the bats...

You'll see them soon enough.


If these emails are a drag, let us know and we'll cut it out.


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