Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Take a look where you're livin'... You got the Army on your street."

In celebration of the home island of Phil Lynott, Van Morrison, Gary Moore, the Stiff Little Fingers and that annoying guy from the "Lucky Charms Cereal " Box, (ok, and those U2 fellas, happy?) we are offering a very special:

with special guest DJ Saint Patrick "Paddy Boom" coming on at midnight.

Happy Hour goes 'till 10 pm (that's 2 for 1 well drinks, beer and wine, for those of you who are felling Scotch-Irish)

Half price ($3) Guinness Pints and Ithaca Pale Ale All Night

$3 Erin-go-blind Shots to help you get that nice green complexion.

So come on over to Route 85a (just off the Rocky Road to Dublin)
Downstairs, 85 Ave. A between 5th & 6th Streets.
Thursday 10pm 'till everyone gets so drunk they think they're a policeman.

With the usual leprecauns:

- The Electric Leprecaun

- The Lovely Lady Leprecaun

- The Least Irish AND Tallest Leprecaun

Rev. Timmy
- Voted the Rock*Land DJ most likely to blow up the London Stock Exchange, 3 years running.

And of course that donny lass: Miss Jilly, distributing the very beverages that have kept the Irish from ruling the world all this time.
(ask her nice and maybe she'll show you her pot o'gold)

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It's gonna be a big night, so might want to warm up Wednesday night at:
Mickey's Blue Room
171 Ave. C btw 10th & 11th St.
with solo acoustical music from
John Kopf at 10pm
Rev. Timmy at 10:30
Richard Bacchus at 11:15
(his last local show before he's off to England with Madjuana)

By the Saints, you're not going to try and stay sober, are you?

Oh, and what's Lemmy O'Kilmister have to do with Saint Patrick's Day?
Anything he wants.

And if you don't like it, we'll smash a bottle and put the sharp part right where all the noise come out of your head.


If these emails are a drag, let us know and we'll cut it out.


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