Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Take your protein pills and put your helmet on."

Has it been a year already?

In honor of our dear friend Tom Vaught's Birthday we have declared:

Sponsored by the nice folks at Rheingold Beer.
Route 85A
downstairs - 85 Ave. A btw 5th & 6th St.
This and every Thursday
From 10pm till the Mules come home.

Winding up the gramophones for you is the usual bunch of hopped up dipsomaniacs:
Ricky - Celebrating his triumphant return from his tour across the sea.
Shelby - Celebrating Ricky's triumphant return from his tour across the sea.
Dave - Celebrating the successful delivery of yet another chicken-parm sandwich.
Rev. Timmy - Celebrating yet another daylight savings "spring forward" without succumbing to vertigo (too badly).

And of course Miss Jilly, dispensing all legal spirited beverages with panache and aplomb.

Also, why not get warmed up with Ricky and Madjuana at
Otto's Shrunken Head
538 E 14th St. at Ave B.
10pm Tonight (Wed)

Some web stuff:

Rock*Land Pics and Flyers

Tom Vaught's Web Site (Sorta)

The Site that Tom would send you to if he could

Mr. Vaught is scheduled to appear late in the evening.
And remember...
He's full of MOXIE!

tom, we love you
if these emails are a drag let us know and we'll cut it out.


Blogger Shaheed said...

I hate the mess and clumpiness of protein shakes . I also don't like carrying around

2:46 AM  

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