Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Bands may come, bands may go..."

"But Rock 'n Roll's gonna go on forever...
All Day and All The Night!"
- Ray Davies on "One for the Road


In an effort to keep the wheel turning and hype the crap out of something before anyone else gets ahold of it and uses it for a Volkwagen commercial, we here at Rock*Land are very proud to have 2 members of the up and coming band:

Chorizo Lightning
DJ'ing with us this Thursday.

Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Huevos Thunderos

(undisputed master of the Moogerfooger)
And you thought we were making that Moogerfooger thing up.
(Fair enough, we thought he was making it up, too.)

So grab your electric sausage, and head on down to:
sponsored by the kind folks at Rheingold Beer
at Route 85A - downstairs - 85 Ave A btw 5th/6th
10pm till all the meat products are speakin' Mexican.

Along with the usual overcooked, greasy breakfast food products:

Ricky - who played briefly with MA and Huevos when they were touring as "The Tinkerbell Chorus and Revue"
Shelby - who thinks the band is probably a bunch of knuckleheads and is glad this'll probably be the last anyone hears of them.
Davey - who attended college with MA and thinks he may still be owed $40 on a hockey bet. (Rangers 4 - Pens 2, c'mon, man. We shook on it!)
Rev. Timmy - who is terrified of any band formed since 1989 and will probably cower in the office until someone lets him play a Gene Vincent record.

and of course the delightful Miss Jilly, whose mastery of distilled and malted beverages will no doubt soon earn her at least 15 minutes of fame.

More one hit Rock*Land wonders to scribble on your calendar (or your forearm):
Wednesday - July 13 (that's next Wed)
Arlene's Grocery - 95 Stanton St. between Ludlow and Orchard St's.
11:30 pm - Richard Bacchus
11pm - The Reverend Timmy James
10pm - Slip of a Girl aka Catherine Whyte
9pm - Jude Kastle

Also Ricky & Rev. Timmy are going to Boston:
(to try to get a whole other kind of curse going)
July15 8:00 PM - The Abbey Lounge - 3 Beacon St , Somerville, Boston

So get down here and meet
Chorizo Lightning
They'll be playing songs from their new album
"Indavisible" throughout the night
and generally yucking it up in an obnoxious manner.
But then, if you're not used to that yet,
you ain't getting used to it.


if these emails are a drag, let us know and we'll cut it out.


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