Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Go back, Jack. Do it again."

With it being so obnoxiously hot and humid in the city that we can barely peel ourselves off the naugahyde couch to try and dry off in the shower and the television offering little but reruns of shows that sucked the first time, we here at Rock*Land have taken a page from the less inspiring latter career of The Rolling Stones.
To whit:

1) Make crap album.

2) Release (another) "Greatest Hits" with crap single from new album.

3) Tour ($$$)

4) Release "Live" Record of Tour.

5) Rinse.

6) Repeat.

So with that in mind pull on your dark socks and sandals and head down to...


sponsored by the kind folks at Rheingold Beer

at Route 85A - downstairs - 85 Ave A btw 5th/6th


10pm till the network execs pull the plug.

With all your favorite family episodes:

"Leave that Elf Alone!" - the first of a special two parter in which Ricky learns the true meaning of Kwanzaa.

"I'll Do to that Elf Whatever I Fancy" - the startling conclusion, in which Shelby teaches Ricky the false meaning of Kwanzaa with the aid of a cattle prod and a Nixon mask.

"Bloodfeast of the Zombie Aliens with Laser Eyes" - a never aired pilot, starring Dave, which was slightly retooled and became the long running and beloved "Friends."

"Reverend Timmy meets the Return of the Son of the Revenge of the Phantom of the Park" - which received a Cable Ace nomination for "Best Writing for Finger Puppets in a Shoddy Sequel Special"

and of course, how could you ever tire of the continually high-caliber performance of Miss Jilly
(we're all really fond of the part where she gives us our drinks.)

Other reasons not to watch T.V. coming soon:
Our very own Richard Bacchus and his band Vasquez on "Live at the Continental, Best of NYC Vols. 1 & 2"

(stay tuned for the 411 on the record release party, July 30 - week from Saturday - The Continental)

Monday - July 25 at Trash Bar
with open bar from 9-10pm

10pm Miss Jilly and her new project The Family in their premier show: Lounge First, Loud Later


11 pm Richard Bacchus

Tuesday - July 26 at Mickey's Blue Room

171 Ave. C btw 10th & 11th St.

The Four Horsemen of the Acoustapocalypse

8:30 - Rev. Timmy James

9pm - John Kopf

10pm - Richard Bacchus

11pm - Alex McMurray

So tune in this week.

Same Rock*Land Time!

Same Rock*Land Channel!

In Color!


if these emails are a drag, let us know and we'll cut it out.


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