Wednesday, September 21, 2005

" ain't happy 'less you got one."

Okay, you've had a whole fortnight to get ready, or recover, or to miss us, or to work up the courage to finally tell us what you really think about our whole "Plastic Fantastic Button Down Shiny Happy People Corporate Soul Grinder."
So why not shine up your boots, cut your hair in a Mohawk, put on your field jacket, practice your quick draw in a mirror and get back to your tribe at:
at Route 85A - downstairs - 85 Ave A btw 5th/6th
Thursday - Sept. 22, 2005
10pm till a real rain comes and washes all the scum and filth off the streets.

With all your favorite DJ denizens of the deuce:
Ricky - Pimp
Shelby - Hustler
Davey - Junkie
Rev. Timmy - Whore

And Miss Jilly, dispatching the drinks, so don't bust her balls.

If you just can't wait till tomorrow:
Alex McMurray and Richard Bacchus present:
Starting Wednesday, September 21st
Every Wednesday is Fat Tuesday,
Downstairs at Niagara in the Tiki Bar.
112 Avenue A @7th St., New York, NY
10PM till whenever we damn please

Many of the Katrina Katastrophe Refugees are working musicians.
Come on down and join us some of the finest artists,
displaced from New Orlean's French Quarter.

Any Donations Are Greatly appreciated and go directly to the displaced artists,
In other words we'll be passing a hat so bring small bills.

Richard Bacchus at the
Apocalypse Lounge
189 East 3rd St (bet A & B)
8pm, Thurs, Sept 22.

And Next Week:
Micky's Blue Room
Tuesday, September, 27 2005
171 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009
El Medio
Rev. Timmy James (our very own)
Jill Fiore (our very own) and the Family
Richard Bacchus (our very own)

If you can't even wait that long, go here:
or here:
or even here:

Don't be a Screwhead.
Get Organizized!


If these emails are a drag, maybe you should talk it over with the Wizard.
(But what does he know, he's just a cabbie.)


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