Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Whether you dig it or not, it's all over but the lunchboxes.
So dress up as your favorite character and have your mommy drop you off at...
Revenge of the Fifth
sponsored by the nice folks at Rheingold Beer
Route 85a
85 Ave. A btw 5th & 6th
this Thursday, come by early as this week
DJ Pez will be starting with a birthday party from
9pm to 11pm
then the force turns to the Dark Side
'till everyone's eaten by that thing in the trash compactor.
(no doubt someone knows what it's called, but I'm not looking it up.)

With your favorite action figures (still in their original packaging):

Darth Ricky
- who turned to the Dark Side way back when Aerosmith got a Grammy for "Living on the Edge"
Senator Princess Shelby - who sent the Galactic Senate into an uproar by telling them to do something biologically improbable with a bantha.
Boba Dave - who travels the galaxy swearing revenge against those responsible for letting Ewoks kill fully armored Storm Troopers with rocks and coconuts (ok, SPACE coconuts)
Rev2Tim2 - who desperately wants to put a couple star systems between himself and that golden, mincing, limey: C-3PO (boundries?)
and of course behind the Cantina Bar, Jedi Jilly - who will happily allow you to chop arms off or shoot people under the table as long as you throw some cash her way.

Till then, why not find your favorite unflattering ethnic stereotypes.

Or better yet visit our buddy RedBoy (how's that for a web address?)

These are not the Drunks you're looking for.
You can go about your business.
Move along.


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