Wednesday, September 21, 2005

" ain't happy 'less you got one."

Okay, you've had a whole fortnight to get ready, or recover, or to miss us, or to work up the courage to finally tell us what you really think about our whole "Plastic Fantastic Button Down Shiny Happy People Corporate Soul Grinder."
So why not shine up your boots, cut your hair in a Mohawk, put on your field jacket, practice your quick draw in a mirror and get back to your tribe at:
at Route 85A - downstairs - 85 Ave A btw 5th/6th
Thursday - Sept. 22, 2005
10pm till a real rain comes and washes all the scum and filth off the streets.

With all your favorite DJ denizens of the deuce:
Ricky - Pimp
Shelby - Hustler
Davey - Junkie
Rev. Timmy - Whore

And Miss Jilly, dispatching the drinks, so don't bust her balls.

If you just can't wait till tomorrow:
Alex McMurray and Richard Bacchus present:
Starting Wednesday, September 21st
Every Wednesday is Fat Tuesday,
Downstairs at Niagara in the Tiki Bar.
112 Avenue A @7th St., New York, NY
10PM till whenever we damn please

Many of the Katrina Katastrophe Refugees are working musicians.
Come on down and join us some of the finest artists,
displaced from New Orlean's French Quarter.

Any Donations Are Greatly appreciated and go directly to the displaced artists,
In other words we'll be passing a hat so bring small bills.

Richard Bacchus at the
Apocalypse Lounge
189 East 3rd St (bet A & B)
8pm, Thurs, Sept 22.

And Next Week:
Micky's Blue Room
Tuesday, September, 27 2005
171 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009
El Medio
Rev. Timmy James (our very own)
Jill Fiore (our very own) and the Family
Richard Bacchus (our very own)

If you can't even wait that long, go here:
or here:
or even here:

Don't be a Screwhead.
Get Organizized!


If these emails are a drag, maybe you should talk it over with the Wizard.
(But what does he know, he's just a cabbie.)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

"I been in the right place, but it must'a been the wrong time..."

Hey Rock*Landers, in an effort to allow you some time to work on your back, delts and abs,
Rock*Land has gone to a bi-weekly schedule, starting this week (or maybe last week)
This is in accordance with an ancient Aztec Calendar Stone that Ricky & Shelby found on their recent trip to the Southwest.

No Rock*Land this week. (Sept. 15, 2005)
Instead there will be Miss Jilly serving drinks and her good buddy, Derrick playing music.

Just because we're not there doesn't mean you can get away with murder.
Wait until we come back next week, then you can get away with murder.

Time to sync up your Palm Pilots.

Very Truly Yours ,
Your Bi-weekly, Bi-curious, Bi-cycle Luvin'*, Rock*Land Buddies -
Rev. Timmy

*Truth be told, Ricky's the only one who really cares about bicycles.

Skip, we semi-love you.

If these emails are a drag, you just cut your drag in half, my friend.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"It's been too long, we're glad to be back..."

We know you've been spending the last month trolling Canal Street trying to find some counterfeit Rock*Land Action to fill that big hole in your Thursdays (and your black little Rock & Roll Souls), and maybe you've even found some bargains. Perhaps you even braved a trip all the way up to Amsterdam Ave. to get some Stooges or Stones but ended up with a baggie of Oregano or Black Crowes that amused you for a while.

But deep down, you know the stitching is shoddy, the zipper doesn't quite work right, your nose felt funny and there just doesn't seem to be as much Saxon, Eddie Cochran or Naked Raygun blaring.

Well, clever cats that we are, we stockpiled a bunch of Sudafed and Brake Fluid and
cooked up a whole new batch of unadulterated, genuine, DEA prohibited:

at Route 85A - downstairs - 85 Ave A btw 5th/6th

Thursday - Sept. 8, 2005

10pm till the whole works goes fireball on us.

(hopefully, not all over all of us)

With all your favorite truants writing essays on what they did this summer:

- who turned in a crumpled piece of notebook paper stuck together with some unidentified goo. (we don't want to know.)

- who submitted a scathing 20 page diatribe against Eugene V. Debs and how he ruined the Monkees chances at being taken seriously as a band/cultural phenomenon. (Nice penmanship, but a little off topic.)

Davey - Who printed out all the pages of his blog, tied them to a cinder block and then hucked them, flaming, through the principal's window. (A+, for effort, originality AND accuracy.)

Rev. Timmy - Who insisted that he did meet some "girl' and her "friend" from "Canada" and had a story a lot like one in Penthouse Forum from April or May of 1986. (Eyebrows have been raised in general as tangible evidence of "the girl", "the friend" OR "Canada" was not supplied, or really plausible.)

And of course Miss Jilly, who's tanned, rested and ready to serve all legal beverages.
(Note: No White Russians after Labor Day.)

Other stuff to fill out your fleeting four day week with:

The New Official Richard Bacchus Website:

Dave's GreedoNeverFired Blog (Get there quick before we figure out the html to make it burst into flames and bust through your window):

R.L Burnside passed this last week (you might not care, but the Rev. does):

All of us at R*L are deeply saddened by the drubbing New Orleans took from Katrina.

(It's in good fun when it's a Memphis Minnie song. OK, or a Led Zepp song, you philistines.)

Remember, this is the home of, to name a few : Louis Armstrong, Earl King, Fats Domino, The Meters, Irma Thomas, Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Lee Dorsey, John Kennedy Toole and the whole tradition of Sorority Girls showing their tits to get beads. Please give what you can.

(Unless you've got a 20 ft tall, 10 mile long levee handy, they probably just need your dough.)

If you really think showing your tits will help,

then come on down to Rock*Land.

How can you miss us if we don't go away?


if these emails are a drag, then you probably had a pretty easy month.